Through its "Family Office" department, WIN acts as the preferred contact for all your business concerns, from legal to tax issues, including concierge services and all administrative services.

A true partner for reflection and exchange, we use our administrative and legal expertise in business management to serve the interests of our clients.

Our services

The goal of this service is to provide our clients with a series of "Family Office" type services that cover:

  • Business administration: administrative procedures, legal follow-up of the creation of companies, management of correspondence, and daily company management.
  • Domiciliation and availability of standing offices: for company events, important meetings with VIP clients, negotiations, etc.
  • Concierge service: scheduling appointments for events, managing VIP clients, etc.


  • Diversity of internal services (legal, administrative, accounting, networking) for the client's benefit.
  • Availability of our network (including companies in our group).
  • Reduction of risks and payroll charges for the client.
  • "A la carte" service according to the needs of the client.

Need support in business management?