The background check is a tool for checking and validating a candidate's professional background. It helps the employer in his decision making during a recruitment process.

A curriculum vitae is a short summary of a person's educational and professional background. However, it does not always reflect reality.
In fact, 65% of CVs contain incorrect information: one in eight applications even contains significant lies.

Some unscrupulous companies issue false diplomas or certificates at a very low price. Consequently, WIN is responsible for contacting the various establishments in order to verify that they have been obtained legally.

This problem can be costly: for example, in France, the Aubry law of 31 December 1992 stipulates that the company is obliged to ensure the veracity of a CV. Thus, if the lie is discovered after the trial period, the dismissal of the fraudster is much more complex.

The CV check carried out by our company allows recruiters to have a complete overview, both on professional and  interpersonal skills.

We give recruiters a global vision of the candidate's profile and his online image. WIN gives future employers the possibility to know if their potential new recruits are working in respect of the confidentiality of their former employers, or if they are damaging the reputation of the company.

Benefits of background check services

  • Improve the quality of recruitment,
  • Ensure that the files of staff to be recruited are correct,
  • Avoid costly recruitment errors,
  • Protect and strengthen your company.

Our added value in the background check process

  • A team of specialized professionals with access to sophisticated tools,
  • Data confidentiality management in accordance with the DPA (RGPD),
  • A necessary and objective analysis of a file thanks to an independent external opinion.

WIN provides a pre-employment background check to the client with a detailed report of its investigation, including a recommendation on the recruitment of the candidate. Our report can be provided in several languages.

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