Insurance is an industry that is particularly affected by fraud. It is a deliberate act of taking illegal advantage of an insurance contract. Fraud therefore implies an intentional act. It affects all sectors: automobile, housing, civil liability, professional, etc.

According to the website "", convictions for insurance fraud in Europe represent only a fraction of the amount of real fraud. Only 265 million euros of unpaid services were denounced in 2015, in reality, the frauds known as "undetected" would amount to over 2.5 billion euros.

How to detect and fight fraud?

Fraud takes several forms: fraud, theft, breach of trust or embezzlement.

Fraudulent practices are usually discovered after a careful check of the documents, often in innocuous and commonplace aspects. A thorough examination of the file can raise suspicions.

At WIN we are able to provide you with support and investigation solutions.

Our methods

  • Search for fraud,
  • Establishing the facts,
  • Investigations and provision of evidence.

Our added value

Our team of professionals :

  • Offer you solutions to limit the risk of recurrence.
  • Advise you on how to secure your contracts.

Thanks to its human, technical and technological resources, combined with a powerful network, WIN can provide you with an exhaustive, personalised investigation applicable to a multitude of fields. Our investigations can lead to the confounding and identification of the perpetrators.

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