Cybersecurity is the set of technical, organizational, legal, and human measures necessary to implement means that prevent unauthorized use, misuse, modification, or diversion of information systems. Thus, computer security includes protecting systems against any violation, intrusion, degradation, or theft of data.

In essence, cybersecurity tries to provide everyone access to the information they need while maintaining the information system’s coherence and maintaining user and customer trust.

Our IT Security services

"Red Team" Services

We simulate realistic cyberattacks against a company to test its defenses and highlight security vulnerabilities. These services may include intrusion testing, account hacking, phishing, social engineering, etc.

Preventive services for companies

We provide digital forensics (forensic analysis of digital data) and cyber threat intelligence (collection and analysis of information on online threats) services. They protect companies against cyber-attacks by providing them with information on the techniques used by computer hackers, the types of threats they may be exposed to, etc.

Smart contract audit

We verify the quality and security of the code used in programs used on a blockchain that automates transactions and business processes. Our process audits these programs and their compliance with standards and regulations following several steps: code quality verification, analysis of features and performance, search for security vulnerabilities, etc.


  • Customizable service according to the customer's needs,
  • Availability of all WIN departments (OSINT, R&D, SYSADMIN), its international network, and group of companies,
  • Highlighting the company's experience.

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