WIN has an experienced, multidisciplinary investigative team that can assist you with your research needs and provide you with the necessary information.

Our investigators evolved within various police forces and are appropriately trained in investigation techniques that are deployed depending on each case.

Specializing in the research, collection, and analysis of information, both OSINT and HUMINT, WIN can provide you with a detailed overview of businesses or individuals.

Our services

Background check avant embauche

Background check

The Background check allows you to check the professional background of a candidate, by offering a verification of:

  • The professional experience ;
  • The professional diplomas and certificates;
  • The references;
  • The online reputation.
Enquêtes fraude assurance

Insurance fraud

We provide you the support through investigative solutions such as:

  • Insurance fraud research;
  • Establishing the facts;
  • Investigation and provision of evidence.

Thanks to our accreditations issued by the CNAPS (National Council of Private Security Activities), WIN intervenes in accordance with your expectations and the legal framework. At the end of the investigation, all the elements collected and our recommendations are described in a report that can be used in court.

Our reports are structured with a single goal: to provide you with a simple, factual, accurate, and complete reading, but are also tailored to meet the expectations of the competent jurisdictions and thus assert your rights.

The documents we have access to, the information we collect and use, and the meetings and interviews we conduct are subject to the strictest discretion, ensuring the confidentiality of the investigation.

With the required permissions from national organizations to produce admissible evidence, our investigators can carry out surveillance, observations, and followings on foot or by vehicle, using means suitable for all situations.

Do you want to defend your private interests?