In the face of increasing competition, strategic information management has become an important component of the global competitiveness of companies. They seek to control and make the most of information.

Consequently, information management has become an indispensable element for companies, which they must have at their disposal to implement their growth strategy.

Strategic intelligence, a pillar of business intelligence

Business intelligence and strategic intelligence are often confused, but they are in fact two distinct notions. Business intelligence is a broader concept that includes strategic intelligence. It is based on a strategic and tactical intention and relies on 3 pillars which are the detection of threats and opportunities (strategic intelligence), the protection of the intangible assets of the company (security) and the actions of influence (to favour the implementation of its strategy).

What is competitive intelligence ?

Competitive intelligence (sometimes referred to as corporate intelligence) is an information process put in place by entities that decide to listen to their environment.

It consists of collecting, processing, analysing and disseminating information in a permanent and organised manner on :

  • Its markets and players,
  • Its competitors,
  • Innovation and technological progress,
  • Current regulations, etc.

Therefore, at WIN, our mission is to provide accurate and timely information to those concerned, in order to guide the strategic decisions of their organisation.

Benefits of competitive intelligence

There are several types of monitoring with different objectives and research themes.

  • Regulatory & legislative watch: aims to monitor the modification of a standard, a decree or a law (for example, the banning of a technological component).
  • Innovation & technology watch: enables companies to react immediately to the emergence of new technologies or innovations to avoid being surprised. They must react quickly, particularly when it comes to obtaining patents or improving existing solutions.
  • Competitive intelligence: is based on monitoring the players in its sector of activity. Therefore, having been informed of the latest news from stakeholders, the company can understand their actions and act accordingly.
  • E-reputation monitoring: consists of being kept informed of all the data available online concerning a company, its managers, its products and services.

Our added value

  • To be reactive to changes: for example related to competition, technology, patents, the legal framework, etc.
  • Avoid being surprised by market developments.
  • Anticipate crisis linked to e-reputation (bad buzz), ensure real-time monitoring of your company, its products and its competitors on social media.
  • Reduce risks, position yourself and seize opportunities.
  • Make decisions based on proven facts rather than on assumptions.

We offer our clients

  • A (periodic) watch bulletin/report,
  • Alerts in case of information deemed "urgent",
  • Training in strategic intelligence,
  • Support the implementation of a monitoring process in your company.

Examples of concrete cases

You are a company. WIN helps you to monitor :

  • The major players who share the market and their positioning,
  • The latest production techniques,
  • R&D investments in the sector,
  • Changes in the legal and regulatory framework in progress or to come,
  • News, etc. You are a start-up.

WIN helps you to follow

  • Technological innovations affecting your sector,
  • New services or features developed by your competitors,
  • Fundraising by market players,
  • Marketing methods used by competitors,
  • Trade shows and conferences in your field of expertise, etc.

You are a recruitment agency. WIN helps you to follow

  • Changes in employment legislation,
  • Trends in the digitalisation of recruitment practices,
  • Workplace well-being issues,
  • Communication methods used by competitors, etc.

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